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Donate to Ecos de España 

School Art & Cultural Programs

Please consider donating the gift of Ecos de España assemblies and workshops to the many schools in need of arts and culture programs.  


I am affiliated with two nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations thus making donations to them, designated for Ecos de España school programs, possible and tax deductible.    


Fusion Performing Dance Academy (FPDA):  received nonprofit status in 2008. Founder and director Albertossy Espinoza is an important component of Ecos de España, as both a dancer and educator.  Because we share similar missions we became collaborators, and Ecos de España is listed on FPDA’s Website as an educational outreach program.  Tax deductible donations can be made to FPDA, earmarked for España’s school programs.

Art Without Limits (AWOL):  is a nonprofit based in Santa Barbara, CA, and founded over 25 years ago by artist and humanitarian Julie McLeod.  Read her impressive biography here:   AWOL acts as my fiscal sponsor, allowing individuals and organizations to donate to Ecos de España through tax deductible donations.      


Thank you for your help!!!

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