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Why I Dance: A student asks the famous Gypsy dance artist and teacher, La Farruca, “But where would I put this step? (within the flamenco dance she was learning)”  Farruca answers, “Donde tú quieras (wherever you want).” Flamenco requires, first and foremost, an absolute understanding and adherence to the rhythms. Afterwards the freedom to express, explore and create is endless, and the dancer becomes the embodiment of an open heart on a journey with no road map.  Flamenco whispers to her/him, “I wait to see who you are within the rhythm.”

I have had the privilege of studying with the following people, either through group classes, privates or workshops in California, New York, and Spain (Jerez de la Frontera, Sevilla and Madrid): Concha Vargas, Irene Carrasco, Juan Antonio Tejero, Farruquito, Carmelilla Montoya, Angelita Gómez, Luis Peña, Juana Amaya, Manuela Carrasco, Javier Heredia, Leilah Broukhim, María Torres, Lidón Patiño, Carmen Ledesma, Cihtli O'Campo, Inesita and Luis de la Tota.

I continue to attend weekly ballet and flamenco classes in Los Angeles because one never stops learning.  


​I am the recipient of a certificate from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission that qualifies me to teach and perform Standards-based school assemblies and four-week workshops in K-12 grade schools.  My school program, Ecos de España, is listed on the County Arts Commission's Website in the “Arts For All, Programs for Students" directory.

( See Certifications ) 


Macrobiotics America Steps to Health Intensive, Certification of Completion, March 2011
Gyrotonic Pre-training Foundation Course, May 2015

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